Gerald J. Ardoin, Supervisor de Perfuração e Completação Sênior

Responsible for well-site supervision of oil, gas and underground storage operation.

Gerald Ardoin

Previous Positions

Forest Oil Corp
West Texas, USA
[March 2005 to March 2006]

Drilling Consultant – Drilling & Completions and Drilling, Workover and Completion Workover and drilling in Gulf of Mexico and West Texas. 

PB Energy Storage Services, Inc.
Houston, Texas, USA
[January 2004 to March 2005]

Drilling Consultant – Drilling & Completions Workover and completions on salt caverns and gas storage wells

Swift Energy
South Louisiana, USA
[April 2003 to December 2003]

Drilling Consultant–Drilling & Completions Drilling, workover and completions in Lake Washington, Louisiana

Totalfinaelf E & P USA, Inc.
South Texas, USA
[May 2002 to December 2002]

Drilling Consultant–Drilling & Completions Three wells drilled in South Texas on Slick Estate Wells 139, 138 and 141.

Samedan Oil & Gas
Gulf of Mexico, Main Pass – South Louisiana, USA
[March 2000 to April 2002]

Drilling Consultant-Drilling, Workover & Completions Twenty wells reentered, redrilled and completed utilizing gravel packs. Whipstocks were used on all wells to sidetrack.

Cliff’s Drilling Turnkey
Monagas, Venezuela
[1999 to March 2000]

Drilling Foreman/Consultant Responsible for all aspects of the drilling operation, observing and remaining informed as to the condition of the hole. Maintained appropriate inventory of materials and equipment on location. Handled all critical operations including well control, casing and cementing operations and production test. Ensured the drilling fluid density and rhelogy. Selected appropriate downhole tools and ensured optimal performance. All locations maintained 100% environmentally safe with zero discharge closed loop systems. All wells were high pressure and directional.

Evangeline, Louisiana, USA
[1994 to 1996]

Solids Control and Environmental Cleanup Directed solids control and environmental cleanup of drill cuttings through re-injection on wells for Shell Oil, Conoco, Vastar, Mobil and BP Petroleum. Instrumental in development and training of personnel on slurrification system procedures used for recovery of solids at shakers then blending into slurry in order to re-inject into well bore thus eliminating haul off cost (this system is being used in Venezuela, North Sea and Gulf of Mexico). Constructed oil base mud plants on Ivory Coast for UMIC of Houston for Ivorian Government.

Falcon Drilling
Gulf of Mexico, USA
[1985 to 1994]

Driller and Rig Supervisor

Cliffs Drilling Company
Gulf of Mexico, USA
[1975 to 1985]

Driller and Rig Supervisor