Our Mission

At Lonquist, our most valuable resources are our employees, our clients, our contractors, the environment and the community we serve. We firmly believe that injuries can be prevented. To achieve a zero accident goal, we will make all efforts to comply with a comprehensive health and safety program as well as governmental regulations.

Lonquist is committed to undertaking proactive initiatives to promote and maintain a safe and healthful work environment and to develop safe operating procedures. Lonquist will utilize its financial and human resources to achieve a loss free environment for our employees, our clients, our contractors and the community.

Our Values


Lonquist’s achievements and success have come about, in large part, through the collaborative approach that we maintain with the subcontracting community. Lonquist also adheres to this collaborative approach with respect to safety. In addition, we require strict adherence to the policies and procedures we have in place relative to safety, quality, and productivity to ensure excellence.


The responsibility for this undertaking is shared by Management, Supervisors, Contractors and employees. Oversight of the loss control / safety program will be championed by The Corporate Safety Director. However, all employees must work cooperatively to ensure that office, field operations and all workplace safety is a matter of continual concern, equal in importance to all other operational considerations.


This program is designed to encourage all employees to promote the safety of their fellow employees, our clients and the community. To accomplish our safety and health goals, all members of management are responsible and accountable for implementing this policy and ensuring compliance. Safe work behaviors and attitudes are an expected part of every employee’s job performance.

Environmental Health & Safety