Coleman Hale

R. Coleman Hale, P.E., P. Eng., Manager of Canadian Operations/Petroleum Engineer

Responsibilities include management of Lonquist Canadian division operations and Calgary office operations. Management of all Canadian division employees and contractors.

Additional responsibilities include providing a wide variety of petroleum engineering, reserves/resources evaluation, well testing and underground storage engineering and mining engineering consulting services to oil and gas companies, gas transmission companies, natural gas and liquids storage companies, banks, trusts and institutional investors.

Evaluations/audits of oil and natural gas properties using a variety of engineering software and reserves methodologies on properties throughout Western Canada and the United States. Development of year end reserve reports to meet Ni51-101, COGEH, ASC, SPEE, and/or SEC standards. Management of project scope, cost control, scheduling, and client communication.

Management, engineering design, and execution of salt cavern drilling, solution mining, workover, and MIT projects; Management, engineering design, and execution of disposal well drilling, workover, and completion projects; review of geological analysis related to salt cavern development and disposal wells; development of regulatory permits for provincial and federal project approvals. Management of project scope, cost controls, scheduling, and client communication.

Coleman Hale


Texas Tech University (USA) 2008
Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering

Previous Positions

Huddleston & Company, Inc.
Houston, Texas, USA

Intern Responsibilities included predicting future reserves of wells and fields throughout Texas; on-site drilling, perforating, testing, and completion of wells; conducting work on a court case involving water flooding problems; using PHD WIN computer programs to find and update production history and to run economic reports with varying specifications for clients; analyzing field maps using multiple types of planimeters; performing well log evaluations and calculations; completing well plugging paperwork and calculations.

Professional Registration and Societies

Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) (Alberta No. 208874)
Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan No. 36426)
Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of Ontario (Ontario No. 100526386)
Ontario Examiner Certification E289 (Class 1 – 4)
Registered Professional Engineer (North Dakota No. 10042)
Registered Professional Engineer (Texas No. 118813)
Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)
Solution Mining Research Institute
CSA Z341 – Associate Member (Standard for Underground Storage)